When we think of yachting, we usually imagine a day out on the boat on a sunny day with the wind caressing our faces. But did you know you don’t have to limit yachting to summer? Yes, you read that right. You can visit your favorite yachting center on a winter day as well. There’s a lot of fun that taking your boat out on a cool day can bring. Yachting is already adventurous; why not make it more unique?

If you are planning to go boating in winter, good for you! However, before you grab your bags and make your way for your boat — read our blog. We will mention some handy tips for boating in winter.

Tips For Yachting in Winter

Winters allow you to see another, more beautiful side of nature. You can admire nature at its finest when you go boating in winter; just take your time to take in the transition from autumn to winter. There are fewer boats in the water during the cool season. Therefore, you won’t have to sweat about the navigation rules much. Before you decide to go yachting in winter, make sure to confirm if it is safe enough in your area.

Some tips that will help you in your winter boating experience are:

1. Dress Up Warm & Cozy

You should be mindful of dressing up adequately — we don’t want you feeling cold throughout the boating hours! Avoid wearing cotton as it might absorb moisture. Synthetic, however, will dry quickly and keep you warm. If the weather is in the minus, wear insulated foul weather gear that’s loose enough to allow movement. In addition, cover your head with a polyester fleece hat. You can also wrap a scarf around your neck to stay cozy. Don’t forget gloves and waterproof deck boots with socks!

2. Take a Heater on Board

You might not require a heater if you’re going for a quick sail for a couple of hours. Nonetheless, you’ll need to be prepared in case you’re spending the weekend on the water. Take a propane, electric, or hydronic heater with you on board to keep the vehicle warm. Also, keep in mind to keep the fuel tank full, or batteries charged depending on the heater you’re using.

It’s better to take a portable heater. This way, you can prevent a short circuit or a fire.

3. Throw on a Wetsuit Underneath Your Outfit

You can wear a wetsuit under your clothes to guard yourself against the cold breeze. Yachting in winter means that you should be prepared for cool breezes and wind. Hence, wearing a close-fitting suit made from a special material will keep your body warm by providing high insulation. Simply put, you can enjoy boating in winter without worrying about the cold.

In Mood for Yachting?

Yachting in winter can be fun if you stick to the handy tips. This is the perfect opportunity to appreciate nature by taking in the changing seasons. Remember to wear cozy, warm clothes to enjoy your time without shaking with cold. Also, throw on a wetsuit under your clothes to make sure you stay warm throughout your trip. Watergates Yachting Center Marina can help you make your boating dreams come true. Visit our yachting center at 1500 Marina Bay Drive, Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565. You can also talk to us at (281) 334-1511 for more information.

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