Your dream cruise trip can turn into a whirl-swirl-twirl nightmare if you happen to have sea sickness. Sea sickness is a form of motion sickness that many people experience while travelling in cars, trains, planes or even boats.

Sea sickness is caused by the constant sway of boats or ships, disrupting the balancing mechanism in your ear and brain. While your brain might think you are still, the balancing fluid in your ear might signal otherwise. This disconnect can lead you to experience nausea, dizziness, vomiting and general discomfort during and after your journey.

Don’t let the fear of missing out (FOMO) take over you and plan ahead for your next cruise trip. This blog will talk about all the necessary steps you can take prior to your sailing expedition. So if you also experience sea sickness, this blog will be of great help!

Prescribed Medications:

There are a variety of drugs used to prevent and manage sea sickness. Always keep your prescribed, over the counter medications with you. Take them an hour earlier before getting into the ship.

Have Lighter Foods:

It is suggested to avoid heavy and greasy foods because they make you feel nauseous. Take light and bland snacks like pretzels and crackers. Do not go empty stomach either, make sure you eat less and light.

Pro-tip: Ginger is known for its remedial properties for motion sickness. So grab a ginger ale on your way!

Get Fresh Air:

If you feel sea sick, go out in an open area and breathe in some fresh air. This helps in releasing the tension in your body.

Make sure you are aligned with the horizon. See and feel the motion to balance and match the signals by your mind, eyes and ears.

Get a Mid Ship Area:

The movements most felt on a boat are on two extreme opposite corners. Try to find a place right in the middle where motion is felt at least so you can fully enjoy your trip!

Acupuncture Bands:

Research says that people find pressure helps to relieve nausea and vomit. Get yourself an acupuncture wrist band from any nearby pharmacy, to manage your sea sickness symptoms.

Final Takeaway:

Sea sickness or other forms of motion sickness, is primarily caused by moving objects. It can occur in a car, boat, train, plane or any moving vehicle.

It is an acute medical condition which can be managed by taking preventive measures like over-the-counter medicines, ginger, and pressure points handling.

If you have gotten your sea sickness under control and are planning to throw a cruise party for your next celebratory or corporate event, check out our website at Watergate Marina or talk to us on (281) 334 1511. Our service and your experience both will be commendable!

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