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9 Steps to Take if Your Boat Capsizes

Sep 30, 202240 Views

Taking your boat out with family, friends, colleagues, and even alone can be a fun, relaxing activity. You can appreciate and enjoy the spellbinding view of the water and the horizon. Plus, you can play games and have tasty treats too. Amongst all the fun, what if your boat capsizes? It happens, and taking safety […]

How to Winterize your Boat in 9 Simple Steps?

Sep 15, 202240 Views

It’s nice to take your boat out in the summers, with a view of the sun setting on the horizon and breezy winds flowing through your hair. But, eventually, winter arrives. And when it does, you should prepare your bad boy for hibernation. To do so, you need to know how to winterize a boat. […]

Why Does One Need a Pre-departure Checklist?

Aug 15, 202227 Views

As much fun as it sounds, a boating trip involves certain risks. To avoid any unforeseen circumstance, a pre-departure checklist is made, which will help you set a safe sail in the water. The checklist makes sure to cover all bases and is ready for anything that can happen out on the water. Jot down […]

5 Factors Affecting Yacht Ownership

Jul 30, 202249 Views

Yacht ownership is not that easy. There are multiple factors to consider before you decide on buying a yacht. Here are 5 critical factors that you should keep in mind before making your final purchase: 1. Cost of a boat or yacht ownership The cost of owning a yacht is much higher than the price […]

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