When one thinks about a Yacht event, only one word comes to mind, extravagant. It is no ordinary venue choice, so it is safe to say that whether it be a corporate event, wedding or a private celebration, people want to leave a lasting impression through it or make the occasion awe-inspiring. Though the celebration on a Yacht, itself sounds remarkable enough, there is another way to make the experience unforgettable. Our, Watergate Marina, along the protected south shore side of Clear Lake, in the city of Clear Lake Shores, is less than an hour away from the city of Galveston. A place filled with rich background and historical landmarks, that are guaranteed to add an incomparably exciting touch to your event, if you start off, or end with a series of these adventurous excursions.

Galveston’s Extraordinary Attractions:

Exploration of a one of a kind Winery:

Who doesn’t like wine? But ever wondered about how the drink, with such a robust taste, is made? If you are a wine fanatic or just enjoy good wine and are curious about the wine-making process, then Galveston Texas Flower Wines Tour at FlorVino Winery, is for you. Visit the winery and get to sample flower wines during your visit with a guide showing you how to properly taste them, too!

A fun ride on a Jet Ski:

If you are looking for an outdoor sea activity to do before, or after your event, then the jet ski rentals in Seabrook is a go to. They offer the service of renting a two passenger jet ski, equipped with fuel and life jackets, for 1 hour. So, make use of this if you ever plan an event at Clear Lakes Shores, for an independent ride to Clear Lake and Galveston Bay, with an awe-worthy scenic backdrop.

Spooky 1.5 hour tour at the Old City Cemetery:

Cemetery, resting place for the deceased, will always be the best location for a spooky exploration. Venturing into a place where paranormal activities have been reported and the dead sleep, accompanied by experienced guides,sounds like a fun idea before a party with friends or family. If this is something that interests you, then book the captivating 1.5-hour tour of Galveston Old City Cemetery, when visiting Galveston.

Historical bus tour:

Galveston Historical Bus Tour is a great pick for any traveler, short on time but still wants to hear about the city’s history. During the short day trip before, or after the event, just hopping aboard a bus which passes by key landmarks, such as the Galveston Railroad Museum to name one, with a guide sharing fun historical stories, sounds like an interesting entertainment, don’t you think?

Final Takeaway:

Make use of the facilities offered by Watergate Marina, to rest, freshen up and get rid of the exhaustion of the thrilling but long day, like our clubhouses, showers and laundry facilities, all with the view of the mesmerizing waters of Clear Lake. Make your exciting Yacht event more memorable, with a whole day of crazy adventres, along with our satisfactory services, for that added comfort! To add a more creative touch to your special event, check out our website at Watergate Marina or talk to us on (281) 334-1511.

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