Boating is an adventurous time you can enjoy with your family and friends. There are certain decisions you have to make when planning your visit to a yachting center. For instance, should you go with a floating slip or a stationary one?

To make a decision, you have to know your facts. Hence, we’ll help you learn the difference between fixed vs. floating slips in this blog. Carry on reading to know what factors separate them; it will help you decide what’s best for you.

Fixed vs. Floating Docks Differences

It can be difficult to decide whether you need a fixed or a floating slip. However, some considerations can narrow down your choice. You can ponder upon the relevant elements to see what works for you. These elements include the following;

What is the Depth of the Water?

Before you choose between fixed vs. floating slips, think about the depth of the water. Hence, you should go with a floating dock if the lake or river is above four feet in height.

Comparatively, a fixed dock might be the right choice if the water is less than four feet deep. This is because when there’s less depth, there’s a chance of the boating dock getting too close to the bottom and getting punctured. Therefore, for shallow water bodies, fixed slip is ideal.

What are the Water Fluctuations?

Water fluctuation levels are another thing to consider when it comes to fixed vs. floating boating docks. If the water fluctuates often, you can opt for a floating dock since it stays with the water level. This way, you can easily move between the dock and the boat.

Fixed dock, on the other hand, will stay in its position even with fluctuating water. However, the transition from boat to dock might be a bit difficult when the water level changes.

What’s the Weather Going to Be Like?

When planning your boating trips, the weather should be the first thing to check. This can also help you decide between a floating and stationary boating dock. For instance, if the weather is severe, you can choose a floating dock. This is because the severe water might cause winds and water to move. If you opt for a floating slip, it will move with the boat. Nonetheless, a fixed slip will stay in place while the boat shifts positions.
Consequently, the boat might crash into the dock and damage it. Therefore, a floating slip will work best for severe weather. Before deciding, keep the weather conditions in mind.

What’s the Water Traffic Going to Be Like?

It’s always wise to think about the water traffic when you plan a boating trip. Hence, choosing a floating dock if there’s a lot of water traffic might not be a great idea since it will move with the boat. So if you choose a fixed dock, it won’t move when the boats pass by.

Are You Okay with Noise?

Since a floating dock moves with the boat, it may make a lot of noise. If you’re looking forward to quiet time, consider opting for a fixed slip.

Looking Forward to a Fun Boating Time?

Whether you want a fixed slip or a floating one, you can visit Watergate Marina Marina to have a good time. Dial (281) 334-1511 to contact us for more information. Or you can visit our yachting center at 1500 Marina Bay Drive, Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565.

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