For the next barbecue, are you looking for some ideas for fun outdoor games to play so that the whole family, from kids to adults, can enjoy a fresh, sunny day?
Then, read on to get ideas for games that will bring joy. Watergate Marina is a great picnic spot.

Five Amusing Games To Play With Your Family.

  1. Hilarious Bigfoot Game:
    This game engages your family in having fun with the game and playing it. All you need are a pair of flip flops, tape, plastic balls, and a giant box you can cut up.
    Then, all you have is to race each other with gigantic feet taped to your flip flops, providing funny moments and enjoyment.
  2. Human Ring Toss:
    This is an entertaining version of the classic carnival ring toss game. The only difference is that the rings are giant and are being tossed onto your family members.
    All you need are six 36-inch inflatable pool tubes.
    Set the distance to throw from and discover who has the best tossing skills in the family while enjoying the park.
  3. Human Pinata Chase:
    From adults to kids, every single body loves candies and chocolate.
    Hence, motivated by the reward of candy, this is a hilarious version of the classic pinata game.
    All you need are old t-shirts, a glue gun, and snack sized candy.
    Use the glue gun to attach the candy to the shirt.
    The person who wears the shirt in the game would be your human pinatas. The rest of the family members chase the human pinata and grab the candy by chasing that person.
  4. Giant Inflatable Bowling:
    Bowling is always a fun bonding activity for families with kids of all ages, but who wants to be inside a bowling alley on a beautiful day? This version of the game allows you to be outside, and with a gigantic but lightweight ball and pins, no matter how outstanding your regular bowling skills are, you never know who will turn out to be the winner.
  5. Water Balloons:
    When thinking about summer parties, always consider water games. It’s fun to cool off while playing under the sun.
    Having a water balloon fight is a simple game, but it never gets old.
    In this game, everyone can participate in playing with younger kids. Then, have a water balloon battle.

Final Takeaway:

With all these fun ideas and creative spins on classic games, your family will be entertained outside for the whole summer! And the most fantastic thing is that you will be out in the fresh air with your family, eating and playing.
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