Water bugs are more likely to be a hassle during summer.
Although bugs are not harmful to humans, they can annoy swimmers.
Fortunately, eliminating a water bug infestation from the pool is simple and easy.

What attracts Water Bugs In the Pool?

Algae and microorganisms in the pool are real culprits. If the pool attracts water bugs, they must feed on algae and microorganisms. Hence, you must remove their food sources and nesting places to remove water bugs.

Types of Water Bugs In Swimming Pools

Water Boatmen and Backswimmers
They are familiar visitors to swimming pools throughout the summer, indicating that your pool’s chemistry isn’t quite right.
They both fly and lay eggs in algae in the pool.
Water Boatmen are fearless.
These bugs are characterized by their long, slender bodies and flat, triangular-shaped heads.
They attach themselves to the sides of swimming pools.
But be aware of the Backswimmer. They bite.
The sensation of being bitten by a Backswimmer is similar to that of being stung by a bee.
They prefer the swimming pool as their habitat because they can easily access their food, mosquito larvae, and other insects.
If these nasties have taken over, continue reading to find out how to eliminate them.

Removing Water Bugs From The Pool

The most effective technique to eliminate these pests is removing their food supply.
For water boatmen’s algae.
For backswimmers, it’s water beetles.
So, ensuring that your pool is algae-free will go a long way towards keeping your pool bug-free.

How To Get Rid Of Them Furthermore?

Use skimmer:
It’s old-fashioned, but it works. If you’re noticing more bugs than usual, remove them manually with a skimmer.

Keeping your pool as debris-free as possible will provide fewer opportunities for pool bug habitats to form. set your vacuum to waste to remove the dirty water from your pool.

Healthy Pool Regimen:
Keeping up on the basics will improve your chances of keeping many pool water bug types at bay. Alga is a significant contributor to pool bugs.
Keeping your pH levels within range means chlorine can do its job and stop algae from forming.
If things get out of line, use a double dose of pool shock to handle your algae problems.

Maintain the pool:
Many infestations may not start in your pool but from nearby standing water or yard waste.
Remove piles of yard waste and areas where water stagnates.

Final Note

Swimming pool bug types are harmless but can be annoying to maintain the pool, and our guests could also avoid swimming. That’s why it’s worth the time to put in extra effort to eliminate them. We want our members to enjoy and have fun.
For more details, visit our page and contact us at Watergate Marina.

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