Are you excited about your boating trip? Sailing can be a refreshing and exhilarating experience. When you take your boat out on the water, you experience a certain calmness and excitement. However, don’t forget to pack your sailing essentials when your thoughts are occupied with the upcoming adventure. If you’re confused about what to take when boating, we got you! Carry on reading to check out the list of items to bring on a boating trip.

What to Take When Boating?

Before you sail into the sunset, here are some things you should definitely take when boating:

  1. Important Documents
    Boating is a fun, carefree experience, but that doesn’t mean you forget the legalities. Thus, don’t forget to keep your boating license, registration, insurance papers, passport, and photo ID. This especially applies to those who’ll operate the boat.
  2. Soft-Sided Luggage
    Pack your things into soft-sided luggage. It could be a backpack or a duffel bag, whatever helps maximize storage space when you’re boating. You may find it difficult to fit hard luggage into closets and cabinets.
  3. A Small Bag
    You’ll need a small bag to store items like your wallet, keys, medications, phone, credit card, and more. This will help keep everything within reach in case of an emergency; you’ll just have to grab your bag. Furthermore, add a printed list of your emergency contact names with their numbers, insurance policy number, and your doctor’s contact information.
  4. Sunscreen
    The UV rays are still a threat when you’re sailing and enjoying the feeling of freedom. Therefore, make sure to put on your sunscreen. Keep a no-oil-based sunscreen, as it could help protect the yacht’s upholstery. In addition, a non-oil sunscreen will not affect the wooden finishes. Keeping a lip balm with SPF and an insect repellent is also a good idea.
  5. Sunglasses
    Sunglasses are a must-have for both passengers and drivers. Riding off your boat into the sunset might be tricky when the sunlight blinds you. Hence, wearing sunglasses will only protect your eyes from the blinding and splashing water as well.
    If you go with UV protection polarized sunglasses, it could further minimize the glare that reaches your eyes.
  6. Ziplock Bags
    Put dry or ziplock bags since they’re great for keeping your electronics and money dry. But there’s more — you can use ziplock bags for dirty or wet clothes. Not to forget, they’re your solution to storing opened bags of snacks.
  7. First Aid Kit
    It’s not likely that you injure yourself everywhere you go, but it’s also not unlikely. Accidents or minor injuries can occur anywhere, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, don’t forget your watertight or waterproof first aid kit. Include all the necessary bandages, aspirin, gloves, ointments, seasickness pills, etc.
  8. Entertainment
    Yes, boating itself is fun. But bring your tablets, cameras, DVDs, Cds, playing cards, pen, paper, and all the fun entertainment items to have a blast. Also, reading books will be an extraordinary experience on a boat. So if you’re a bookworm, this might be your chance to live your aesthetic reader dreams.
  9. Spare Clothes
    Spare clothes are never a bad idea. Hence, without overpacking, bring a few extra shoes, a pair of socks, a bathing suit, etc. These additional sets can come in handy in case you need a change of clothes. Apart from spare clothes, pack your rainy weather gear for your boating trip.
  10. Hand-held GPS Unit
    A hand-held GPS unit can be pretty useful. In particular, the person acting as backup to the skipper may find them handy. Moreover, they can be helpful if you go for day hikes on the shore.

Interested in Yachting?

Yachting is a fun experience, but you should always stick to the list of important items to bring on a boat. You can visit Watergate Marina Marina for the ultimate adventurous experience. Dial (281) 334-1511 to talk to us.
We’re located at 1500 Marina Bay Drive, Clear Lake Shores, TX, 77565. You can find our yachting center on the left of Shipwrights Unlimited.


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