Do you know there’s much more that goes into boats than just…floating on the water? You can enhance your boat in many ways by picking the perfect interior. Flooring is among the important aspects of your boat. Luckily, multiple boat flooring options offer safety and enhance your yacht’s interior as well.

What Boat Flooring Option Should I Go For?

With boating, there are many factors to keep in mind. Sometimes, unexpected weather changes can make it difficult to walk around the vessel. The good news is that various boat flooring options can provide protection. Furthermore, the correct type of flooring can protect your vessel as well.

Here are some common flooring ideas for your boat:

1. PVC Flooring Tiles
PVC tiles are an excellent choice for your boat. Whether you’re out on the sea or in the sun, these tiles shield your boat from damage. Not to mention, you can find PVC tiles in numerous colors and patterns.

PVC flooring tiles are easy to apply. When one gets damaged, you can easily replace the harmed piece with a new one — no need to disturb the others.

With all their benefits, PVC tiles aren’t UV-protected and gradually fade.

2. Marine Carpet Flooring
For decades, marine carpet flooring has been a popular choice for boats. Initially, it was similar to the hardy carpeting for households. But today, you can find an upgraded version suitable for both leisure boating and fishing.

The latest interior boat flooring options are soft, comfortable, durable, and water-resistance. However, UV damage can fade this waterproof boat flooring. Additionally, it may hold in bacterial elements too.

3. Vinyl Marine Flooring
Yachts and ski boats usually use vinyl marine flooring. But don’t let the name confuse you — this vinyl is different from the one you use in your house. The best part is you can find vinyl marine flooring made to fit the latest boating requirements. Therefore, this is a good boat flooring option with features like waterproof or UV resistance.

Another remarkable aspect of vinyl marine flooring is sound resistance, which fishing enthusiasts might enjoy. However, it can get slippery when it is wet.

4. Rubber Boat Flooring
If you’re hoping to find an eco-friendly boat flooring option, rubber might be right up your alley. Made from recycled car tires,rubber flooring isn’t slippery. Hence, you can run across the floor with wet feet without the fear of falling. Plus, it offers anti-fatiguing benefits.

Rubber boat flooring is easy to install; all you’ll need is self-adhesive, and you can remove it whenever you want. This type of boat flooring offers many benefits. Still, you’ll have to add a UV protectant as it is not UV stable.

5. Drainage Tiles
Drainage tiles are among the best flooring options for you if your boat is designed for fishing. This is because they’ll let water penetrate them, helping with the mess fishing creates. And when it’s time to clean? Just grab a hose and spray the tiles.

You can install drainage tiles easily. Moreover, any liquid that gets on the tiles will flow down to the problem without much trouble. Keep in mind, though, that these tiles are comparatively expensive. In addition, they can lead to back and foot fatigue.

What to do?

Now that you’re familiar with some boat flooring options make your pick and visit Water Gate Marina for fun days. Dial (281) 334-1511 for more information.

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