Planning a corporate event or looking for a private venue to throw a bachelorette party? While beaches, ball rooms and wedding halls are mainstream choices; have you ever thought of booking a yacht? If you haven’t already, read upon this short blog on how a yacht can be a pitch perfect venue for your upcoming event. With a unique blend of luxury, ambiance, scenic views and entertainment, it can help in elevating an entire event experience.

Scenic views: Yacht provides a private setting for any sort of event; be it a wedding, corporate event or a private celebration. While doing so, you can also benefit from beautiful views that will help creating an extraordinary mood for your gathering. With the sound of gushing waves or the calm of the ocean, you can confess your everlasting love to your childhood crush or the beautiful sky can work as an enchanting backdrop for your wedding photos. And so much more!

Intimacy and Privacy: While providing to be a private venue for events, yacht offers a cozy and intimate setting for your guests, which is difficult to achieve in conventional spaces. Factors like weather and sky helps in enhancing the collective vibe. It is also a limited space which helps foster a more personalized, one-on-one interaction between people.

All inclusive packages: Yacht rental companies offer all-inclusive packages including décor, catering, and other customization options which leave for you less things to worry about and enjoy the event fully. This will also cut additional managing hassles and going back and forth with multiple vendors at a time.

Unique experience: Being invited on a yacht sparks a sense of excitement in terms of dressing and other preparations. Just like, which dress will go best with this kind of party? It adds an element of novelty and modern-ness to an event. With that, a hint of unfamiliarity increases the hip.

Entertainment options: A yacht can be a very dynamic choice. While it can provide themed decors and other facilities, they often have on board entertainment options such as music DJ’s, live music, karaoke and other themed performances.

Memorable and Versatile: Want to leave a lasting impression through your event? People are more likely to remember and talk about being invited on a yacht for its very distinctive nature.

What’s next?

If you have been with us through the entire blog, we are sure that you are convinced to host your next gathering on a yacht; be it corporate or private. If not fully, we have made you think about a new possibility. Escape the ordinary, and step into a dimension of creativity and unforgettable memories with Watergate Marina. Talk to us on (281) 334 1511 and discuss your event requirements and budget with us. We will help you create your dream event into a shared reality.

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