Swimming season may end by winter, but that doesn’t mean pool cleaning responsibilities end with it. You want to keep your pool looking clean, and hygienic. Hence, with proper pool maintenance, even in the coldest temperatures, you can avoid future issues with algae, corrosion, and buildup before the summer approaches.

The easiest and best option is to spend time cleaning and maintaining your pool each week by doing the following easy steps.

1. Free Of Debris:

If your pool is covered, still remove any debris over the cover and check underneath it to ensure you have no unwanted trash in it.

Moreover, the strong winter wind or snow can stress your shield over the pool, so make sure your cover, attachments, water bags, and lawn anchors are securely attached.

2. Balancing of H2O chemistry:

Water chemistry balancing is not as challenging as it may seem, but it is a significant part of protecting your pool investment. If pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness are out of standard ranges for a long time, it can cause intense damage to your pool equipment and surfacing.

Hence, In the winter you should balance your water pH level weekly.

Furthermore, use an algaecide to kill existing algae and prevent new fungi during the winter.

3. Surveying Pool Equipment:

Even when your pool is covered and unused, dirt, pollen, and other bacteria can still enter the water.

Hence, keeping an eye on the filter gauge, performing backwashing, and cleaning your filter becomes important. Also, don’t forget to check your pool pump, heater, and exposed plumbing to ensure everything is functioning properly and there are no leaks or rust.

4. Harsh Winter Impact:

Unfortunately, if water is left in your equipment during the winter, the cold weather will freeze and expand the water and ruin your equipment and plumbing.

Keeping an eye on your freeze guard once a week to ensure that your pool equipment has circulation. When temperatures go down, this will help you avoid any expenses regarding repairs from frozen equipment or plumbing.

5. Cleaning Pool Surface:

By cleaning walls, floors, and other pool surfaces would prevent algae growth. Skimming, vacuuming, and brushing organic debris weekly is a great off season habit to take care of the pool that will save you time dealing with green, dirty water in the spring. Moreover, don’t forget to brush the corners of the pool area, including behind ladders and steps.

Final Thoughts

Spending a little time each week in winter to maintain the pool and its equipment will positively impact opening your pool in spring and summer. A weekly maintenance schedule would be beneficial to include everything from cleaning the interior and exterior of your pool to checking its water PH levels so you remember all the details.

For further information, visit Watergate Marina and contact us for more guidelines.

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